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I am Dorcia Hart with Med2go. I show people a path to better health through hydration. Detox, lose weight, and hydrate with hydrogen rich antioxidant water. Feel the difference and experience this “miracle water” that has helped so many people worldwide. When your gut feels good, you feel good too.
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What is Miracle Water?

How does your body use it?

What is the difference between Miracle water and Bottled water?

Free Discovery Call

1 on 1 Session - 15 Minutes

Learn about my 3 Steps to Better Health. Find out your pain points and map out a solution that you can start now.

Breakthrough and Do Session

1 on 1 Session - 45 Minutes - $97

Walk through session to makeover your kitchen items for better health. This will be a Zoom call to identify and throw out the bad but keep the good.

In-Home Food Makeover

In person-Session -half a day - $249

  1. In-Home Makeover is for your kitchen food items. I will show you how to read labels to determine what to keep and what to throw away or give away.
  2. Make a weekly plan
  3. Go Shopping for new food items (food not included)
  4. Return and implement new foods
  5. Share recipes and cook a meal

My eBook

Top 10 Poop Secrets-Revealed for Gut Health
Best kept secrets now available. If you are having constipation problems then this is the eBook for you. These are my top 10 secrets to tackling constipation without using drugs. I have studied and researched for 60 years to find the best holistic methods for constipation. I will have you pooping in no time.

$9.99  $4.95 LIMITED TIME

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